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레드닷에서 지난 5년간 입상 실력에 따라 점수를 주고, 순위를 매겼는데, 저희 MSD가 회사 부문에서 공동으로  세계 8위를 차지하였습니다. Metal Sound Design은 매우 작은 회사입니다.
저희 MSD를 성원해 주신 분들에게 감사함을 전하고, 대한민국을 알리는데 더욱 더 열심히 노력하겠습니다.

아래의 내용은 레드닷 부사장이 보낸 글입니다.

red dot design ranking 2011 – design concept

I am very pleased to inform and congratulate MSD for being ranked number 8 in the red dot
design ranking for design concept. This ranking recognises your organisation as one of the top
companies to continuously and progressively push forward with cutting edge and forward
thinking product concepts.
The red dot design ranking, compiled by red dot institute, honours organisations at the
forefront of design excellence and innovation. The red dot design ranking for design concepts
will serve as a beacon to the world, directing the attention of businesses, media, designers and
the public to organisations that will surely define our world tomorrow. The design ranking label
issued together with the ranking serves as a marketing tool to effectively communicate your
standing amongst the most innovative companies and institutions around the world.
The ranking is computed using a weighted formula considering the cumulative number and
classes of awards won over 5 years, and with a strong emphasis on recency. Each red dot award
the organisation has won is awarded points and each year is given added points based on the
recency of the awards. The formula ensures the ranking’s relevance by recognising the most
recent year’s achievements in full.
The news of the red dot design ranking will be announced to the international press at the end
of April.
Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments.

Best Regards,
Ken Koo
President, Asia
red dot design award

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